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Version: v1.4

Deploy Server

The server can deploy by multiple method: Directly, Docker, Docker-Compose, Kubernetes, Helm.


  1. Download the server application from RELEASE and unzip.

  2. Startup

On Linux/Mac

$ sh ./bin/

On Windows



-h--hostSpecify IP in registry centerSuggest to specify Virtural machine or cloud server, or will use internal IP
-p--portSpecify startup portdefault is 8091
-m--storeModeThe way to save transaction logSupport file and dbdefault is file
-n--serverNodeSpecify the seata-server node IDLike 1,2,3..., default is 1
-e--seataEnvSpecify the environment of seata-serverLike dev, test etc. Then will use file like registry-dev.conf as configuraiton

For example:

$ sh ./bin/ -p 8091 -h -m file

Deploy in container

Now support these method: