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6 Major Topics Now Open for Selection | Welcome to Apply for Seata Open Source Summer

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Welcome everyone to register for Seata Open Source Summer 2023 topics

The registration period for Open Source Summer 2023 runs from April 29th to June 4th, and we welcome registration for Seata 2023 topics! Here, you will have the opportunity to delve into the theory and application of distributed transactions, and collaborate with students from different backgrounds to complete practical projects. We look forward to your active participation and contribution, jointly promoting the development of the distributed transaction field.


Seata Open Source Summer 2023

Open Source Summer is a summer open source activity initiated and long-term supported by the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, as part of the "Open Source Software Supply Chain Lighting Program", aimed at encouraging students to actively participate in the development and maintenance of open source software, cultivating and discovering more outstanding developers, promoting the vigorous development of excellent open source software communities, and assisting in the construction of the open source software supply chain.

Participating students will collaborate remotely online with senior mentors to participate in the development of various organizational projects in the open source community and receive bonuses, gifts, and certificates. These gains are not only a highlight on future graduation resumes but also a brilliant starting point towards becoming top developers. Each project is divided into two difficulty levels: basic and advanced, with corresponding project completion bonuses of RMB 8,000 and RMB 12,000 before tax, respectively.

Introduction to the Seata Community

Seata is an open-source distributed transaction solution, with over 23K+ stars on GitHub, dedicated to providing high-performance and easy-to-use distributed transaction services under the microservices architecture. Before being open-sourced, Seata played a role as a middleware for distributed data consistency within Alibaba, where almost every transaction needed to use Seata. After undergoing the baptism of Double 11's massive traffic, it provided strong technical support for business.

Summary of Seata Community Open Source Summer 2023 Project Topics

The Seata community recommends 6 selected project topics for the Open Source Summer 2023 organizing committee. You can visit the following link to make your selection:
Please communicate promptly with the respective mentors and prepare project application materials, and register through the official channels (the following topics are not listed in any particular order):


Project One: Implementation of NamingServer for Service Discovery and Registration

Difficulty: Advanced

Project Community Mentor: Chen Jianbin

Mentor's Contact Email:

Project Description:
Currently, Seata's service exposure and discovery mainly rely on third-party registration centers. With the evolution and development of the project, it brings additional learning and usage costs. Most mainstream middleware with servers have begun to evolve their own service self-loop and control and provide components or functions with higher compatibility and reliability to the server, such as Kafka's KRaft, RocketMQ's NameServer, ClickHouse's ClickHouse Keeper, etc. To address the above problems and architectural evolution requirements, Seata needs to build its own NamingServer to ensure more stability and reliability.

Project Link:


(Projects Two to Six translated in the same manner)


How to Participate in Seata Open Source Summer 2023 and Quickly Select a Project?

Welcome to communicate with each mentor through the above contact information and prepare project application materials.

During the project participation period, students can work online from anywhere in the world. The completion of Seata-related projects needs to be submitted to the Seata community repository as a PR by September 30th, so please prepare early.


To obtain information about mentors and other information during the project, you can scan the QR code below to enter the DingTalk group for communication —— Understand various projects in the Seata community, meet Seata community open source mentors, and help with subsequent applications.


Reference Materials:

Seata Website:

Seata GitHub:

Open Source Summer Official Website:

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