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MT mode

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Review the description in the overview: a distributed global transaction, the whole is a model of the two-phase commit. A global transaction consists of several branch transactions that meet the model requirements of the two-phase commit, which requires each branch transaction to have its own:

  • One phase prepare behavior
  • Two phase commit or rollback behavior

Overview of a global transaction

According to the two phase behavior pattern,We divide the branch transaction into Automatic (Branch) Transaction Mode and Manual (Branch) Transaction Mode.

The AT mode is based on the Relational Database that supports local ACID transactions

  • One phase prepare behavior: In the local transaction, the business data update and the corresponding rollback log record are submitted together.
  • Two phase commit behavior: Immediately ended successfully, Auto asynchronous batch cleanup of the rollback log.
  • Two phase rollback behavior: By rolling back the log, automatic generates a compensation operation to complete the data rollback.

Accordingly, the MT mode does not rely on transaction support for the underlying data resources:

  • One phase prepare behavior: Call the prepare logic of custom .
  • Two phase commit behavior:Call the commit logic of custom .
  • Two phase rollback behavior:Call the rollback logic of custom .

The so-called MT mode refers to the support of the branch transaction of custom into the management of global transactions.