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Seata 1.5.2 Released with XID Load Balancing Support

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Seata 1.5.2 Released with XID Load Balancing Support

Seata is an open-source distributed transaction solution that provides high-performance and easy-to-use distributed transaction services.

seata-server Download Links:

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The key updates in this version include:


  • [#4661] Added support for XID load balancing algorithm.
  • [#4676] Added support for Seata server to expose services through SLB when using Nacos as the registry center.
  • [#4642] Added support for parallel processing of client batch requests.
  • [#4567] Added support for the find_in_set function in the WHERE condition.

Bug Fixes:

  • [#4515] Fixed an issue where SeataTCCFenceAutoConfiguration on the develop branch throws a ClassNotFoundException when the client does not use a DB.
  • [#4661] Fixed SQL exceptions when using PostgreSQL in the console.
  • [#4667] Fixed an exception when updating the map in RedisTransactionStoreManager on the develop branch.
  • [#4678] Fixed the issue of cache penetration when the property transport.enableRmClientBatchSendRequest is not configured.
  • [#4701] Fixed the issue of missing command line parameters.
  • [#4607] Fixed a defect in skipping global lock verification.
  • [#4696] Fixed the insertion issue when using the Oracle storage mode.
  • [#4726] Fixed a possible NPE issue when sending messages in batches.
  • [#4729] Fixed the issue of incorrect setting of AspectTransactional.rollbackForClassName.
  • [#4653] Fixed the exception of non-numeric primary key in INSERT_ON_DUPLICATE.


  • [#4650] Fixed a security vulnerability.
  • [#4670] Optimized the number of threads in the branchResultMessageExecutor thread pool.
  • [#4662] Optimized the monitoring metrics for rolling back transactions.
  • [#4693] Optimized the console navigation bar.
  • [#4700] Fixed failures in the execution of maven-compiler-plugin and maven-resources-plugin.
  • [#4711] Separated the lib dependency during deployment.
  • [#4720] Optimized pom descriptions.
  • [#4728] Upgraded the logback version dependency to 1.2.9.
  • [#4745] Added support for mysql8 driver in the distribution package.
  • [#4626] Used easyj-maven-plugin plugin instead of flatten-maven-plugin to fix compatibility issues between shade plugin and flatten plugin.
  • [#4629] Checked the constraint relationship before and after updating the globalSession status.
  • [#4662] Optimized the readability of EnhancedServiceLoader.


  • [#4544] Optimized the jackson package dependency issue in TransactionContextFilterTest.
  • [#4731] Fixed unit test issues in AsyncWorkerTest and LockManagerTest.

A big thanks to the contributors for their valuable code contributions. If inadvertently omitted, please report.

At the same time, we have received many valuable issues and suggestions from the community, thank you very much.