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Seata 1.6.0 Released with Significant Performance Improvement

· 6 min read

Seata 1.6.0 Released with Significant Performance Improvement

Seata is an open-source distributed transaction solution that provides high performance and easy-to-use distributed transaction services.

Download Links for seata-server:

source | binary

Updates in this version:


  • [#4863] Support for multiple primary keys in Oracle and PostgreSQL
  • [#4649] Support for multiple registry centers in seata-server
  • [#4779] Support for Apache Dubbo3
  • [#4479] TCC annotations can now be added to interfaces and implementation classes
  • [#4877] Client SDK supports JDK17
  • [#4914] Support for update join syntax for MySQL
  • [#4542] Support for Oracle timestamp type
  • [#5111] Support for Nacos contextPath configuration
  • [#4802] Dockerfile supports arm64

Bug Fixes:

  • [#4780] Fixed the issue where TimeoutRollbacked event wasn't sent after a successful timeout rollback.
  • [#4954] Fixed NullPointerException when the output expression was incorrect.
  • [#4817] Fixed the problem with non-standard configuration in higher versions of Spring Boot.
  • [#4838] Fixed the issue where undo log wasn't generated when using Statement.executeBatch().
  • [#4533] Fixed inaccurate metric data caused by duplicate events handling for handleRetryRollbacking.
  • [#4912] Fixed the issue where mysql InsertOnDuplicateUpdate couldn't correctly match column names due to inconsistent case.
  • [#4543] Fixed support for Oracle nclob data type.
  • [#4915] Fixed the problem of not obtaining ServerRecoveryProperties attributes.
  • [#4919] Fixed the issue where XID's port and address appeared as null:0.
  • [#4928] Fixed NPE issue in rpcContext.getClientRMHolderMap.
  • [#4953] Fixed the issue where InsertOnDuplicateUpdate could bypass primary key modification.
  • [#4978] Fixed kryo support for cyclic dependencies.
  • [#4985] Fixed the issue of duplicate undo_log id.
  • [#4874] Fixed startup failure with OpenJDK 11.
  • [#5018] Fixed server startup failure issue due to loader path using relative path in startup script.
  • [#5004] Fixed the issue of duplicate row data in mysql update join.
  • [#5032] Fixed the abnormal SQL statement in mysql InsertOnDuplicateUpdate due to incorrect calculation of condition parameter fill position.
  • [#5033] Fixed NullPointerException issue in SQL statement of InsertOnDuplicateUpdate due to missing insert column field.
  • [#5038] Fixed SagaAsyncThreadPoolProperties conflict issue.
  • [#5050] Fixed the issue where global status under Saga mode wasn't correctly changed to Committed.
  • [#5052] Fixed placeholder parameter issue in update join condition.
  • [#5031] Fixed the issue of using null value index as query condition in InsertOnDuplicateUpdate.
  • [#5075] Fixed the inability to intercept SQL statements with no primary key and unique index in InsertOnDuplicateUpdate.
  • [#5093] Fixed accessKey loss issue after seata server restart.
  • [#5092] Fixed the issue of incorrect AutoConfiguration order when seata and jpa are used together.
  • [#5109] Fixed NPE issue when @GlobalTransactional is not applied on RM side.
  • [#5098] Disabled oracle implicit cache for Druid.
  • [#4860] Fixed metrics tag override issue.
  • [#5028] Fixed null value issue in insert on duplicate SQL.
  • [#5078] Fixed interception issue for SQL statements without primary keys and unique keys.
  • [#5097] Fixed accessKey loss issue when Server restarts.
  • [#5131] Fixed issue where XAConn cannot rollback when in active state.
  • [#5134] Fixed issue where hikariDataSource auto proxy fails in some cases.
  • [#5163] Fixed compilation failure in higher versions of JDK.


  • [#4681] Optimized the process of competing locks.
  • [#4774] Optimized mysql8 dependency in seataio/seata-server image.
  • [#4750] Optimized the release of global locks in AT branch to not use xid.
  • [#4790] Added automatic OSSRH github action publishing.
  • [#4765] XA mode in mysql8.0.29 and above no longer holds connection to the second phase.
  • [#4797] Optimized all github actions scripts.
  • [#4800] Added NOTICE file.
  • [#4761] Used hget instead of hmget in RedisLocker.
  • [#4414] Removed log4j dependency.
  • [#4836] Improved readability of BaseTransactionalExecutor#buildLockKey(TableRecords rowsIncludingPK) method.
  • [#4865] Fixed security vulnerabilities in Saga visualization designer GGEditor.
  • [#4590] Dynamic configuration support for automatic degradation switch.
  • [#4490] Optimized tccfence record table to delete by index.
  • [#4911] Added header and license checks.
  • [#4917] Upgraded package-lock.json to fix vulnerabilities.
  • [#4924] Optimized pom dependencies.
  • [#4932] Extracted default values for some configurations.
  • [#4925] Optimized javadoc comments.
  • [#4921] Fixed security vulnerabilities in console module and upgraded skywalking-eyes version.
  • [#4936] Optimized storage configuration reading.
  • [#4946] Passed SQL exceptions encountered when acquiring locks to the client.
  • [#4962] Optimized build configuration and corrected base image of docker image.
  • [#4974] Removed limitation on querying globalStatus quantity under redis mode.
  • [#4981] Improved error message when tcc fence record cannot be found.
  • [#4995] Fixed duplicate primary key query conditions in the SQL statement after mysql InsertOnDuplicateUpdate.
  • [#5047] Removed unused code.
  • [#5051] When undolog generates dirty write during rollback, throw exception BranchRollbackFailed_Unretriable.
  • [#5075] Intercept insert on duplicate update statements without primary keys and unique indexes.
  • [#5104] ConnectionProxy is no longer dependent on druid.
  • [#5124] Support deleting TCC fence record table for oracle.
  • [#4468] Support kryo 5.3.0.
  • [#4807] Optimized image and OSS repository publishing pipelines.
  • [#4445] Optimized transaction timeout judgment.
  • [#4958] Optimized execution of triggerAfterCommit() for timeout transactions.
  • [#4582] Optimized transaction sorting in redis storage mode.
  • [#4963] Added ARM64 pipeline CI testing.
  • [#4434] Removed seata-server CMS GC parameters.


  • [#4411] Tested Oracle database AT mode type support.
  • [#4794] Refactored code and attempted to fix unit test DataSourceProxyTest.getResourceIdTest().
  • [#5101] Fixed ClassNotFoundException issue in zk registration and configuration center DataSourceProxyTest.getResourceIdTest().

Special thanks to the following contributors for their code contributions. If there are any unintentional omissions, please report.

At the same time, we have received many valuable issues and suggestions from the community, and we are very grateful to everyone.